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        About us

        HUBEI JINGHONG CHEMICAL CO., LTD is a High-Tech Enterprise which specializes in agrochemicals, organic intermediates and macromolecular materials. Headquartered in Xiangyang, Hubei Province. The company has 3 manufacturing sites covering 85 acres of land and a fixed assets of RMB 500 million.
        We have production lines capable of producing 25,000t Acrolein; 20,000t Glutaraldehyde; 1,000t Emamectin benzoate; 1,500t Ligustral; 15,000t Vinyl ether series products per year...

        For New Project, Please contact
        Mr. Ken Xie: 86-15071569068
                Tel: +86-710-3702747    Fax: +86-710-3723838 
                E-mail: biz@jhchemical.com